Radon Mitigation DIY: Think twice

I’ve had people ask me directly and indirectly if there are mitigation systems for basement radon that they can install themselves.

My final answer is: NO.

Radon is not a joke or a laughing matter. Radon is a serious radioactive substance that can cause major damage to you and your loved ones. If you have a radon problem in your house, have your basement inspected first. Once you test for radon and have your numbers you can compare them here.

    A radon Level of .5-1.0 is acceptable. (.5 is the natural level of radon in air)
    A radon level of 1-2 is considered by the EPA to be “Action Optional.”
    A radon level of 2-4 is considered questionable and should be followed with a serious consideration of having a mitigation system installed.
    A radon level of 4 or higher is dangerous and the EPA suggests that it would be considered mandatory to have a mitigation installed to continue living in that house.

If you’re going to have a living area in your basement for someone to live in, anything above a 1 should draw red flags of caution.

If you have further questions about radon or would like to ask for help in your area you can contact your local Radon Mitigation company or ask us at the Pioneer Basement Forums who we know in your area.

For more links to EPA maps and further conversation on radon: Basement Depot Radon Conversation