Addressing Homeowners and Contractors in Blogs

For over a year now, on my main blog Safe’n’dry Basement Waterproofing, Foundations and Finishing I’ve communicated with homeowners asking questions about thier own homes as well as getting in touch with contractors nation wide.

Pioneer Basement has a local reputation in Mass. as being the best waterproofing company to refer to clients.  Other companies in the Grate Products Authorized Contractor network have also become house hold names in their local communities.

It takes a great deal of passion, the right technology and skilled staff to make it all work. 

Grate Products LLC is redesigning their site to communicate better with many contractors in their network while providing information, data, and support to customers all over North America.

A Grate Products Blog will be officially announced and released once all the nessesary supports are put into place. This will help contractors receive information faster and from the source. The blog will play a key roll in helping contractors who don’t normally do business with websites to navigate and get the full benifit out of all the sections of the new site, including ones that they might have thought they didn’t need.

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Duel Float Switch: Best ideas for Sump Pumps


Duel Float switch by Glentronics
Duel Float switch by Glentronics

Switches are a key part to a sump pump working when you need it to.  Older versions of switches actually connected directly to the sump pump, so when they failed, the whole pump ether needed to be removed or serviced. It’s not the best thing to have to do while the water is rising in your basement.


Glentronics, an American Sump Pump company, is the only company that has designed a duel float switch that is not only separate from the pump but is adjustable, protected from debris by a cage, and is relayed to a control monitor box to help you determine the health of your switch and pump at any given time.


Pioneer Basement has installed countless duel float switches of this design all over New England including Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The idea is to give the customer a built in safety for the system. If the bottom switch fails, the 2nd kicks on, cueing the monitor to sound an alarm, which in turn, notifies the homeowner to an issue and the need for service.

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;”>The duel float switch and controller is a item that Pioneer Basement, Pioneer Home Basement Finishing and any other contractor in the GrateProducts Network of Authorized Contractors is proud to use, service and install.

Having an adjustable switch allows you to react to where the water actually is, rather than trying to move the pump, which can be heavy and awkward. By moving a pump you remove it from where it’s most efficient which is at the point of contact with the water.  If you wish to have your pump be more pro-active than normal you simply move the switch lower.  If during a period of time you hear your pump coming on more than normal, you can simply move the switch up, lowering the frequency of the pump turning on.  Pioneer Basement always recommends you have a service Technician do this to maximize the efficiency of the placement of the switch. Every basement is different and so is each basement’s fight against water. That’s why we use this versatile switch in every job that we install.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to have your sump pump inspected, your basement inspected or just want more information on why we use these pumps in our basement waterproofing jobs, just simply visit Pioneer Basement’s Main site.  


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