New Electrical Standards Laws in Mass. (MA)

A new construction code was just announced to go on the books for January 2009. Many contractors are implementing the new code now in order to be ahead for the New Year.

The new code states that all electrical outlets must have a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter). The code stated up until recently that these only needed to be installed in areas 8’ from any water source, so you might already have them installed in your kitchen. However, this new code is helping to update old construction and start new construction in the right direction.

GFIs are naturally very sensitive. A reset button is located between the duel outlets. This is easily pushed back in to reset that outlet. The GFI helps to eliminate tripped circuits by catching the surge at the source. This will help you maintain power in a long line with 8 outlets with only 1 outlet being shut down due to the GFI being activated. You can still have power in this example in the other 7.

This is all the more reason to install a battery back up sump pump system and make sure that your sump pumps have alarms,” Says Mike Oliveira from Pioneer Basement Waterproofing. “Having a sensitive GFI means the outlets can trip easier, leaving you unprotected if you are just running an AC power pump. Not having an alarm on your pump and by not having any notice of a GFI trip you can be without power on that outlet for a long time before you notice.”

For instance, if your TV were to black out by your lamp to stay on, you would know visually that it was the outlet that your TV was plugged into that needs to be reset. How about the basement? If your sump pump or storage refrigerator was plugged in and the GFI tripped, how would you know?

All pumps from Pioneer Basement are sold with a DC2 Switch control box which not only has an audible alarm to let you know it’s not receiving power, but it can also be tied into a home security system. The DC2’s security features are also built right into the Battery Monitoring systems for all of Pioneer’s Battery Back up Sump pumps. By having a battery back up system to start with, even when the GFI trips, your system can still run, function and protect your basement from flooding.

“As far as I know we’re the only company in our area providing this advanced protection for our customers,” Oliveira states.

For more information on the new code regarding GFIs in Mass:
The “Electrical Code” in Massachusetts is 527 CMR 12.00.