Backfill and the history of Basement Flooding in the Bunker Hill area of Boston, MA

Basement waterproofing in the Bunker Hill area of Boston is on the rise. Much of this is due to the way that the land was moved and created in Bunker Hill during the population growth through the 1800s and 1900s.


The actual Bunker Hill that was spoken about in the revolutionary war was broken down, bit-by-bit, and used to form land in places that were, up till then, marsh or bay.  One Sixth of the land in Boston has been formed this way to accommodate the in flow of new families industry and commerce.


With homes sitting on man made land basement waterproofing in Boston has become a growing concern in the Bunker Hill area. Loose back fill, or loose soil, used to make these large plots of land from the original Bunker Hill, is still in the process of compacting. Settling and shifting have occurred and houses have paid for it as water has found its way into their basements and cellars. Mix this together with stone foundations and you have a recipe for wet basements in Boston.


“Homes in this area of Boston are sitting in more water than normal. Because the soil around the foundations is still loose, water easily sits and gathers in these areas close to the bay.” Steve Andras, President of Pioneer Basement, “We get a lot of calls in this area because of the poor basement drainage.  People don’t have the proper protection for their basements in this area.”

Loose soil invites the water to settle around home foundations. In this back fill, especially in places with high water table such as near the shoreline, have a harder time removing the water away from homes.


“With this added amount of water it takes only a small amount of rain fall to force people to have wet basements. Basement Waterproofing is especially needed in areas like these. Mold and mildew are just the tip of the iceberg when dealing with a constantly wet basement. It is important to realize that there are solutions out there to help you control the water and not let the water control you.


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