Stepping Out Basement Repair Projects.

Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and other basement projects tend to be “reactionary” rather than preventive projects.

When you get water in your basement, you want to stop it. When you notice a crack, with or without water, you want to patch it up. However, it’s hard to imagine an easy solution when you suddenly are assaulted by a foot of water in your basement. This is not a problem that many people are pre-programmed to handle.

Most basements are subject to some amount of water over the course of their lifetime. When faced with a basement-waterproofing project, some homeowners feel overwhelmed and pressured to get it done all at once. If you’re under tight budgets but still want to do the right thing, there are ways to step out the project to make it easier for you to pay for as well as to get the protection you need or want in your basement.

Firstly there has to be a sump pump installed. This central hub will be able to connect to drains later on if so needed. Having the sump pump installed can help to combat under-floor water pressure, and water coming over the footer. It cannot protect you from wall leaks or water that seeps up onto the floor from the wall/footing cold joint. This is a good first step if you’re tight on money but need to act.

Secondly, a dehumidifier could be installed. Dehumidifiers naturally work best with wall protection, however, once you have a sump pump and basin installed you have a natural drain point for the dehumidifier to work with. Circulation and filtration of the air in the basement can help you dry out faster and help to generate healthy air to breath in the upstairs.

Third step would be to introduce drain and vapor barrier at the same time. You can get the rest of the project done at this point, or again step it out to a “by foot” or gradual installation. Your basement isn’t fully protected without these two elements and until your basement is entirely protected most basement waterproofing companies won’t sign off on suggesting having your basement finished. This third phase can take as many steps as you feel necessary to complete the job.

So here you had a very easy 3-step solution of how to break down your basement waterproofing projects. Your basement waterproofing project manager wants to help you receive the protection you need while still allowing you the flexibility to follow through on the project the way that fits best for your schedule and budget.

*Please take note* that this entry is only here to ease your worries about having a “oh god, i have to do it all at once and spend how much?!” You can take the steps in any amount that you want too.