Passionate About Basements

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(Drawing held March 31, 2012)

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This is Steve Andras President and Founder of Pioneer Basement. During the months of January, February and March 2012, we would like to hear from everyone about the use of our well-known slogan “We’re passionate about basements and we love helping people”.

Weigh in on our forum and have the chance to win over $3000.00 in prizes. There is no purchase necessary, nor do you need to be an existing customer of Pioneer Basement to win the Random Drawing or Best New Slogan categories.

Some people say the word passionate should be reserved for love and romance and not be used to describe how a person or company could feel about their sole purpose and focus.To encourage as many responses as we can during the next 3 months, we will be giving cash prizes for the following categories:

1. Random Drawing – (Held March 31, 2012)

  • $1500.00 TNT Vacations Travel Voucher
  • $500.00 Best Buy Gift Card

You qualify if you post a comment on this thread. Multiple comments will gain you additional entries up to 5 total. Open to everyone over 18 years old.

2. Best New Slogan – (Announced on March 31, 2012)

  • $500.00 Best Buy Gift Card

If your recommended slogan is chosen by Pioneer Basement you win. (Open to everyone over 18 years old)

3. Best Testimonial – (Announced on March 31, 2012)

  • 1st Place – $500.00 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 2nd Place – $250.00 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 3rd Place – $100.00 Best Buy Gift Card

(Open to only Existing Customers who have hired Pioneer Basement in the last 28 years) Pioneer Basement Employees are encouraged to weigh in on the subject but are not qualified to win any of the prizes.

Pioneer Basement appreciates honest feedback from our customers and also from the general public. We look forward to this discussion and hope that you take part.

94 thoughts on “Passionate About Basements

  1. “Healthy Basements Make Healthy Homes” for a new slogan.
    For over 22 years I have seen the passion from Steve Andras and the people that work with Pioneer Basement. Sharing the knowledge that a healthy home starts in the basement is the responsibility of everyone. Our schools should be teaching our students, our parents should be taught and our family and friends should be discussing it daily until the whole world once again understands the consequences of doing nothing.

  2. If I wanted to go swimming, I’d go to the BEACH !! .. Pioneer Basement saved me from having an inground pool INSIDE my house!!

  3. typed too quickly so I rushed.

    Here it is with correct spelling…

    “Pioneer Basements–We take the fret out of Wet!”

  4. When it comes to insuring you have a healthy, clean, and dry basement, only trust the best professionals in the industry…Pioneer Basement!

  5. Consider a new or updated logo featuring something that brings to mind a “Pioneer”, like a pioneer log cabin, the 1st settlers to Boston as ealy “pioneers”, maybe a picture of one of the Boston-based pioneers of the US (Ben Franklin comes to mind), etc. and then consider the following:
    1) Pioneers for your healthy basement.
    2) Pioneering healthy basements for 28 years, and we can help you.
    3) Helpful Pioneers for your healthy basement.
    4) Pioneers go the extra mile for your healthy basement.
    5) Pioneers have a history of making healthy basements.
    6) Waiting to help you, we are Pioneers in healthy basements.
    And just for fun and to see if anybody really reads these…
    The speed of light is 1.8*10^12 furlongs per fortnight.
    Take care.

  6. A

    A dry basement is a healthy enviorment

    A dry basement increases your home value

    A dry basement increases your living space

  7. I am reconsidering upgrading our basement ever since Pioneer fixed our water problem in 2005.
    Before it was just a place where I had to do laundry and store garbage but now after 7 years of having a dry basement we are considering carpeting the basement to begin with.

  8. On June 1, 2011 – an F4 Tornado struck our neighborhood in Brimfield, uprooting huge trees that changed the water paterns in our yard. Subsequent heavy rains took our nice dry cellar and turned it into an indoor swimming pool. We were stunned. One call to Pioneer Basements put us on the road to recovery! They responded immediately, installing a new sump system and eventually a full French drain system. The company was great to work with – from the original “sales call” to the final installation, Pioneer was there with us every step of the way. Their techs were so professional and competent – they finished the job in just a day and left the cellar spotless. Everyone in the company was great to work with and today – 6 months later – through many more stoms – we have a perfectly dry basement. It was a pleasure doing business with Pioneer – a company that is truly passionate about basements. Thank you.

  9. Your home will be left clean and dry
    when Pioneer is solving why
    water leaking from the ground
    can be captured – and sent around.

  10. Testimonial:
    Pioneer has solved my toughest groundwater problems for clients in both existing homes and new construction. Their ‘pioneering’ techniques are science based – sensible – and reliable.
    I only call on Pioneer when high groundwater threatens a foundation.

  11. Back in the mid 90’s we finished off our basement and within about a week of laying the carpet which was the last step of the basement renovation, the rains came and our basement was flooded for the first time after living there for 5 years in our new house. My wife and I bailed using a bucket and a wet vac nearly 3000 gals. of water. We nearly collapsed when the water finally stopped coming. This then happened 2 more times and we finally heard about Pioneer from a friend. We called them out and they put in a system around the perimeter and to a sump. The basement has been maintained by this system ever since and my wife and I always say it was worth every penny and more we paid for it when we hear the sound of the sump kicking on. We don’t need to lift a finger. Since then in 2011, we have had a second sump and battery backup installed to supplement the old sump for redundancy -just in case since the old sump is now 15 plus years’ old – and still going strong. We both say that Pioneer equipment and service are probably the best value we have gotten in anything we have ever purchased and to this day could not be more pleased with any company more. Great work Pioneer, it is clearly evident that you are passionate about basements!

  12. Before Pioneer, even the slightest chance of raindrops was enough to “dampen” my spirits (and basement)! Now, even in the midst of pelting rain, Pioneer Basement has succeeded in restoring the “sunshine” back into my life!!! Now, that’s a forecast that brings a smile to my face!
    Thanks Pioneer Basement!!

  13. I love the new pump I had Pioneer install last October, no worries when it rains now. My brother would stay up at night when it rained because the basement would flood. With the Pioneer’s systems you will be in good shape, they are the best in the business. They are good about making sure you have the service on it. I just did mine and it’s nice to know I do not have to think about it. The guys are professionals. Thank you

  14. “Helping our customers from the ground up. Pioneer: We are the foundation to a great home.” They installed a new pump and saved my basement. Fast, professional and quality work. Thanks so much.

  15. Dry wit….dry basements: Our goal is not funny…Pioneer Basements


    Our goal is as funny as a wet basement….Dry wit; dry basements…Pioneer Basement

  16. Pioneer Basements ………”Waterproofing Basement Systems done RIGHT!”

    I have been a customer of Pioneer Basements since 2008 and couldn’t be happier. Our system had been installed by the previous homeowner and I was skeptical about owning a home with a waterproofing system. However, I heard excellent feed back about Pioneer Basements and their products so I decided to buy the home. After a few annual service appointments and updating pumps about 2 years ago, I am a absolute fan. My system has been truly tested over and over again during the past few years with all the crazy weather we have had and my basement is always dry in the end! The office employees and field service technicans are polite, educational and do a great job. Thanks Pioneer Basements!!!

  17. You don’t have to be passionate about basements to be an expert, but it helps.
    Pioneer Basement… New England’s basement experts.

  18. Pioneer Basement – Making Homes Healthy from the Ground Up.

    Pioneer Basement – Protecting Your Two Most Valuable Assets – Family and Home.

  19. I just bought a house built in 1890. The foundation is brick on rock and part of the basement is dirt. I am planning on having this remedied when I can afford it and will definitely be contacting Pioneer Basements – their reputation is excellent!

  20. Pioneer has solved my nightmare! For those of you who are awake at night wondering what the rain on your pane is doing to your basement, get up and call Pioneer. I did! My grown children did! My friends at the gym did! AND we all have dry basements!

  21. I agree that ‘passionate’ doesn’t do it! I think everyone who has a basement always wants to make it into a fun room or useful space – they always want their basement to be ‘better’ than it is. My slogan is “Be A Better Basement’ or ‘Become a Better Basement”

  22. Love means…Never have to wet vac my basement again!!! Thank you soooo much Pioneer Basement for the great service and ultra efficient ‘grate system’.

  23. If you own a home with water issues, you get what you pay for…Call PIONEER BASEMENT to solve your problems and get your monies worth!!! Don’t delay, my headache of a basement was cured in a matter of time.

  24. I scheduled work to get rid of old equipment and my equipment failed before the appointment. They manged to fit me in earlier so my basement wouldn’t fill with water. They didn’t over sell me what I needed and took the time to explain everything

  25. During the entire process of installing a sump in our house, I was continually impressed with the level of professionalism that Pioneer Basement displayed. They were always prompt to respond to phone calls and emails, provided a clear and concise proposal, and were timely with all work. Even in cases where problems arose, they were quick to resolve all issues. This is all a consumer can ask for.

  26. I ABSOLUTELY love your web address. Passionate is a great way to describe your business. I believe if you are going to do something well, you have to be PASSIONATE about it. Great idea for web address!!!

  27. I’ve never used Pioneer Basement, but based on the testimonials before me, I know who I’ll call if I ever have a probem with my basement.

  28. Healthy home starts with Healthy Basement . I know Steve Andras for 12 years and what he says is the truth if your basement is not dry it is not health for the children and the whole family. Please listen to Steve Andras when he says he is passion about basements and your health to because he cares.

  29. I could really use some basement remodeling. Well I guess you can’t RE-model something that’s never been done to begin with! I’ve thought about calling many times… some day I’m sure I will. We’re purging a bunch of unnecessary stuff now, and when we clear up some space we’d love to tighten up the ship.

  30. Your foundation is the key to a healthy home. Whatever you use your basement for, moisture can lead to serious health risks such as mold and mildew. Let the passion of Pioneer go to work for you. We will not only increase your homes value but insure a healthier living environment for you and your family.

  31. “Your home will always be healthy because we love healing basements!” …and that’s no band-aid approach!


  33. I have been a satisfied customer for the past 12 years and have recommended Pioneer Basement to family and friends!!!

  34. The office staff and workers in the field are professional and helpfull. They make doing business with Pioneer Basement a pleasure.

  35. The first time I called Pioneer Basement, Steve came to my house and guaranteed me that I would be satisfied with their service. Steve is a man of his word because I have been a very satisfied customer.

  36. In October 2011, I had work done in my house by service tech, Tim Xavier. I was so please with Tim and the work he did that day, I recently had more work done in my house. I requested Tim to perform the work and even scheduled it around Tim’s work schedule because I was so pleased with his prior work. Once again, he did a fine job!! I was also pleased with office staff Melissa and Kathy. They made it easy to schedule the work to be done and payment options.

  37. Pioneer Basement: Protecting your health.

    I had my basement waterproofed back in 2009. We had had a constant and growing problem with water in our basement due to the high water table where we live. We are so pleased with the end result of what pioneer did for our water problem. We survived the floods that followed in the Spring of 2010. Not a drop of water in our basement despite multiple road closures in our area. In fact after the floods mulitple neighbors needed to waterproof. All I can say is not only is our basement dry, we can now use he space for storage and there is none of that moist “basement smell” in the house. It is one of the best investments we made for our home, that and our woodstove 🙂
    Jan Hales
    Happy Pioneer Customer

  38. “A Dry Home is a Happy Home”

    We tried all different ways to keep our basement dry, but it wasn’t until we called Pioneer Basement that the job was done right. We haven’t had a drop of water in our basement in over a year. The job was done quickly, professionally and neatly. Thanks Pioneer! My family finally has a dry basement we can all enjoy!

  39. Our house is over 100 years old. Its basement walls are of stone, and water percolates through with every rainstorm. After tiring of shoveling water into buckets and later using a wet vacuum — each of which meant multiple trips to the laundry sink to empty the accumulated water, I tried an infusion of bentonite around the lateral perimeter of the basement. That “worked” for half a year, then back to shoveling! Pioneer Basement then took over, covered the walls with plastic, draining the percolated water into a small perimeter trench with two sump pumps. The basement has been pristine and dry ever since. Pioneer’s annual inspection keeps things in perfect operating condition and I’m done with the wet vacuum and sore back! Thanks, Pioneer Basement!

  40. Pioneer Basement has been great. I recently bought my home and Pioneer Basement put a system in during the purchase period. The Seller’s researched and picked the system and I agreed as the buyer so we had it installed prior to the actual closing. After I purchased the home, I had a small problem, Pioneer sent out one of their employees and he figured out the cause of the problem right away, showed me how I needed to maintain a drain and sweep some yard debris away very simply and the problem was gone. They were wonderful and quick to respond even though I was not the original purchaser.

    Pioneer Basement protecting your memories and your home.

  41. We have lived in our home for over thirty years and on an annual basis have bailed out the basement floor due to sump pump failure. About two years ago we contacted Pioneer and UREKA our problems were solved with a french drain and a new pump with battery backup. During this period we have had many testing storms as well as power outages…no water on the floor!!! Pump pump, what a relief it is.

  42. Pioneer installed my sump pump many years ago. They did a fantastic job with both the installation and cleanup. The basement never looked cleaner and everyone is very courteous and professional – a great company.

  43. Dear Pioneer Basement,
    WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR?????? I WISH I HAD DONE IT SOONER!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!! I don’t regret one penny I spent getting my basement done with French drains and a 3- pump pump. YOU GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! For 20 years during spring floods, fall rains, and any time we got more than 2 inches of rain, I had water in my basement that DEMANDED my presence. Like many I have read about here, I started with pushing water with a push broom into a roughly installed, much too small pump area. Then I got a wet vac and fought with emptying that horrible heavy bottom and trying to lift it 12 inches up over a concrete step out to a patio to pour it out where most of it eventually worked its way back in. Then to save a broken back, a friend hooked up hoses, but I still had to push water. I spent hours and hours and hours doing this. I sometimes had to set an alarm during the night to get up and push water.
    Then I had to get up and go teach 6th grade. Finally, in 2008, I called Pioneer Basement about which I am passionate and give thanks for them not only on Thanksgiving, but every time I go into my basement and see things safely placed on the floor and not on platforms. Every time I hear on t.v. that is has rained more than 2 inches, I say, “Thank you, Pioneer Basement.” I LOVE YOU, Pioneer Basement and I always will!

    Sandra Priestman

  44. Pioneer Basement made our house more of an enjoyable home.

    Slogan —- Pioneer Basement: “protecting the foundation of your home”

  45. During the historical March floods in Rhode Island several years ago, I went down into my basement and the sight before my eyes compelled me to call Pioneer.

    Ever since we moved to our home in Jamestown nearly 20 years ago, we had been plagued by water in the basement. We tried everything. We bought pumps and dehumidifiers. We called landscapers and architects. We imposed on neighbors and friends. And every spring our high hopes for yet another basement solution would inevitably get washed away. Finally, we called Pioneer and they developed a system customized for our basement, our land and our problem. Then came the historical March floods and, as I mentioned, the sight in my basement compelled me to call Pioneer. Here’s what I said:

    “I’m standing here on the cement floor in our basement in my stocking feet! I can’t believe it’s dry. I just had to call and say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

  46. By the way, I disagree about using “passion” in a theme line. It’s refreshing to work with a company that feels strongly and cares deeply about their work. That said, here’s a suggestion for a new slant on the passion theme:

    Pioneer Basement. “Passion for our work runs high so the water won’t.”

  47. My entry – Al ittle late…

    Pioneer Basement – Your best bet, the one to get, to resolve all issues, damp and wet!

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